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At the bottom and running in circles. Biting in tails. Registered on a ship that hangs on fixed strange place. Is this a greenhouse on fire? Or camping tent in the autumn dusk, is anyone there? We have always been on this ship. It has always been hanging around there. Inside it holds animals and humans, a whole world.

In this exhibition Ósk Vilhjálmsdóttir criticizes both the society’s generally accepted values and the demand for a steady stream of progress. She exposes the tension and anger that has been seething in Icelandic society since the collapse in 2008. The scenario is a ship at an unspecified location and we are all its passengers, whether we like it or not. This ship is a self-contained world where people are stuck in the same situation, running around in the same circles, following their own tail. The title of the exhibition is borrowed from the children’s book The Story of Little Black Sambo, where tigers chase each other around a tree in their desperate attempt to reach Sambo. Their fervour is such that they finally melt down in the excitement, leaving nothing but butter, the Tiger Butter.

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