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An endless stream and a constant sound of flowing water.  Its a grey-brownish glacial water.  The current can get heavy. Some appear to be wading through and over the current. Where are they going? We never see them reach land. The video clips are crude, edited into loops. By nature they are infinite.

All things are in movement, phanta rei, the greeks quoted the philosopher Heraclitus. The stream is the symbol of that thought. You cannot step into the same river twice. It runs from under the glacier and down to the ocean. There it will evaporate, condense into a cloud and fall to the earth as rain or snow. Stillness is stagnation, a deception, reality is movement.

Where are you coming from? Where are you going? Our life is a river we cannot step into twice. Each day we are carried onwards, with every hour, every minute. We can never be certain on where the current takes us, but one thing is for sure – we will never return.

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